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For the first season of “Masters of Sex,” which the producers see unfolding over several seasons if viewers embrace it, no shooting was done in St. Neither the producers nor the cast members visited St.Louis.“We filmed it all in Los Angeles,” for various reasons, Ashford says, although Timberman does note that the song “Meet Me in St. People familiar with Washington University will find that the exteriors don’t look quite right, and little scene-setting of St. Louis, although Ashford and Timberman say they’d enjoy a field trip at some point.Executive producers Sarah Timberman, who acquired the book, and Michelle Ashford, who developed the series, credit Masters and Johnson with launching a revolution — the sexual revolution.“Along with the birth control pill and the beginnings of the women’s movement, the publication of Masters and Johnson’s book changed so much thinking, really turned things upside down,” Ashford says.

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Finding the balance was the key, the producers and stars agree.“Tone is very important with this show,” Sheen says.

A Missouri high school teacher is behind bars and facing charges of sexually abusing an underage male student earlier this month.

KTVI reports that David Marler, a teacher at Soldan International Studies High School in St.

“Every decision she made resonated especially loudly for me.”“Masters of Sex” clearly could have been made only for premium cable, and it has already gained a lot of attention simply for its subject matter.

Given the topic, it needs to show plenty — and does.

If that sounds shocking today, imagine how scandalous it would have been in 1957 St.