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We also learned that we should create two separate advisory boards — one for students and one for faculty/staff.

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Also, because of the controversies over sex education, students often get to college without a full understanding of consent and healthy relationships.

What we do know, however, is that interpersonal violence occurs in colleges across the nation and UNLV is not immune.

The key aspects of all forms of interpersonal violence are power and control. ” To me, this is a human rights issue, as we have the right to live and learn in an environment free from violence. To comment, you'll need to login into your Facebook account. Comments that are not in keeping with our comment policies may be removed by editors.

If society could understand that, we could move away from victim blaming.

For those who have not been directly affected and may think this issue is irrelevant to them: The statistics show that someone who is very close to you has been affected by sexual assault. Sexual assaults are severely under-reported — and for valid reasons.

Many survivors fear a process that may re-victimize them and not provide the justice they need to heal.11 Stops on a Sexual Tour Around the United States11 Women the Kama Sutra Says You Shouldn't Have Sex With11 New, Original Sexual Sniglets (Words That Don't Exist, But Should)11 Red Flags You Should Be Able To Spot Within Three Dates Oedipal Arrangements: Are You Attracted to Your Mother-in-Law? Our therapists are here to help you and are pleased to hear from you. an appointment, a consultation or simply a response to a question.In January, we launched the Green Dot program, a national bystander intervention program.Our goal is to change the social norms on campus to make it clear that "violence will not be tolerated here" and "we all can do our part." The center is also part of a coalition — Advocacy, Support, Education Team Against Violence (ASERTAV) — which consists of on- and off-campus organizations/departments that address interpersonal violence and ensure resources are provided to survivors.Faculty and staff may not want a CARE Advocate because the advocate could be a student in their class or someone they work with in a staff/student capacity. We’re developing resource information specifically for faculty/staff, and we hope to offer support groups soon through the Center for Individual, Couple and Family Counseling on campus.