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As of the latest Google maps street view it even has the Haven Herald signage on it.When anyone wants to know anything about Haven history or lore, the Haven Herald is the repository of all such knowledge.

To the east the neck divides in two with a smaller part to the north-east and a larger part to the south-east. Frequently seen in the series is the Haven Police Station, a three-story red brick building which looks a dead ringer for the Lunenburg Town Hall.

The building has a northern and a southern entrance, though only the southern entrance is ever shown.

(The boat features the words "Ryan Atlantic II" on the stern. One, which is at the end of a breakwater, appears to be the Lunenburg lighthouse, while the other, which sits on a bare rocky promontory, looks like Peggy's Cove lighthouse.

The promontory lighthouse is seen at the beginning of the opening credits sequence and was featured at the end of episode 5 of Season 1.

It is to the Teagues that people come to find clues regarding the past Troubles for they reflect current events.

Haven's port is glimpsed frequently throughout the series.This building seems remarkably like one at Tilley's Cove on the south-west side of St. The locale is already a restaurant called the Second Chance Bistro in Season 1's fourth episode, where it is owned by the Mc Shaw brothers. In the second episode ("Butterfly") of Season 1 the ball separated itself and rolled down the hill, crashing into the Rust Bucket, a Haven eatery.Because of his Trouble, Bill Mc Shaw sells the restaurant to Duke, who reopens it as the Grey Gull. The Good Shepherd can be seen in the Season 2 opening credits sequence, where a funeral service has just been held.On the southern side of Haven Harbor is Tuwiuwok Bluff, from where Jonas Lester was blown by unnatural winds in the series premiere.To the north are several islands including King's, Shepherd's and Segan's Islands.Its similarity with Lunenburg's port is unmistakable.