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At approximately 4.30pm last Friday (20 January) a man was delivering parcels to an address in Shakespeare Road, Bedford.

As he left the building, two men approached him and held up what was believed to be a knife next to his body, demanding the keys to his van.

Some of the boys spoke of a paedophile ring, including another Catholic Home in Northamptonshire, and some famous names.One of those names was Jimmy Savile and I did find a picture of him visiting Shefford in 1984.The home was run by the Catholic Church and the residents were mainly abandoned or orphaned boys between the ages of six and sixteen.Damian told me that abuse, both physical and sexual, was rife in the home.He named several priests who committed this abuse over many years, and of nuns who either aided and abetted this abuse, or turned their heads away.

The chief perpetrators in Damian's time were Father John Ryan (pictured above) and his Brother Father Gerry Ryan.

A quarter of drivers in Hertfordshire have admitted to using their mobile phone behind the wheel in the last 6 months. As well as keeping yourself cool, don't forget to look after your pets and never leave your dog in a vehicle.

Here's Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Dog Unit cooling down. Today is expected to be a very warm day, please don't leave your dog in the car, even a short amount of time in a hot car could prove fatal.

Keep your dogs cool instead, as demonstrated by some of our police dogs.

We're investigating robbery in Bedford and are appealing for witnesses.

A mobile phone, van keys and an S Registration Vauxhall van were taken.