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My rendering of nafs, in this context, as "living entity" follows the same reasoning - As regards the expression zawjaha ("its mate"), it is to be noted that, with reference to animate beings, the term zawj ("a pair", "one of a pair" or "a mate") applies to the male as well as to the female component of a pair or couple; hence, with reference to human beings, it signifies a woman's mate (husband) as well as a man's mate (wife).Abu Muslim - as quoted by Razi - interprets the phrase "He created out of it (minha) its mate" as meaning "He created its mate [i.e., its sexual counterpart] out of its own kind (min jinsiha)", thus supporting the view of Muhammad 'Abduh referred to above.

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These futile exercises cause disputes among commentators, confuse the reader, and take up everyone's time in a “vain sport”.

More noxiously, this deplorable practice tends to bind the verses of the Glorious and Timeless Book to events that are supposed to have happened.

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Zaujalso refers to either of the spouses - a companion for life.

The context will define the exact connotation of these terms on each occasion.You will be amazed by how naughty and nasty they can get during top rated videos, all available only in this category.O people, be aware of your Lord who has created you from one person and He created from it its mate and sent forth from both many men and women; and be aware of God whom you ask about, and the relatives. Note 1Male and female, with little difference, share the same genetic program.Respected readers of QXP (The Qur’an As It Explains Itself) might have already noticed that any discussion whether a particular Surah was revealed in Makkah or in Madinah is completely unnecessary and irrelevant to the Message of the Qur’an.The same observation applies to the conjecture of Shaan-e-Nuzool (the circumstances of any particular revelation).V., "I have gotten a man with the help of the Lord," Genesis 4:1 ).