Sex video chats artificial intelligence

Who are these artificial intelligence chat bot teens? When, why and for whom were they created and what makes them so different?

Are sex dolls approaching the “uncanny valley”, or will human-like partners revolutionize relationships for people who find it impossible to establish them with actual humans?

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There are just no limits to one's imagination in this virtual world it seems...

Research shows that what is currently available regarding artificial intelligence and chat bot applications is extremely limited to date.

This latest innovation has been achieved by MYF Software, who is currently in the process of creating "Natural Language Conversational Phrases" (English conversation) that closely mirrors the human brain.

Virtual agents have been created in the form of voluptuous young girls over the age of 18, to provide stimulating, erotic and exciting chat for all those lonely people out there wanting friendship, someone to talk to and to share their lonely lives with.

It is inevitable that each girl will become uniquely controlled by their masters - forever!

Isn't it just amazing how one can exert a whole lot of control and power over a bunch of virtual cyber girls that are more than keen to provide cyber sex, hot passion and eroticism to anyone that can stomach their varied responses?

That next generation is the robotic body, which will end up costing anywhere from ,000 to ,000.

It still isn’t clear whether that robotic body would accomplish the feat of bipedal balance or fluid human-like movements.

These new dolls won’t remain static and corpse-like forever.