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Current: Model Mentor at Jabot Past: Spokesperson for Newman Enterprises Infinity Past: Partner in Restless Style Past: Spokesperson for NVP Reteats Past: Spokesperson for Newman Enterprises Cosmetics Division Past: Spokeperson for Jabot Cosmetics Past: Co-owner of the Crimson Lights Coffee House Growing up in Madison, Wisconsin, Sharon Collins was forced to grow up fast and still lives with the guilt of her mother's paralysis.While out looking for Sharon, Doris lost control of her car and ended up in a wheelchair.After suffering a miscarriage and finding that her relationship with Nick was a mess, Sharon left town and went to Denver to 'find herself.' Little did she know that while she was gone, Cassie almost died after falling through the ice of the Newman pond!

A year later, her best friend, Grace Turner, came to Sharon and Nick with the news that she had found Sharon's long lost daughter.Sharon was overjoyed to have Cassie back, but was furious that Grace had kept her from Sharon for a year!He was later exonerated after Amy Wilson came forward and admitted to shooting Matt after he had raped her.Although Nick's mother thought Sharon to be a gold digger, Sharon and Nick married and had a son Noah.Things turned bad after Sharon confessed to Nick that Matt had raped her.

When he went to confront Matt, Nick found him dead on his floor and was convicted of murder and sentenced to fifteen years in jail!

Through a series of events, Larry Warton saw Sharon, took the body and hid it in a sewage drain.

However, it came out later that Cameron had survived and he kidnapped Sharon and took her on a plane!

Although she was dating Matt Clark, Nick's enemy, at the time, Sharon couldn't help falling for Nick.

Mutually, Sharon left Matt and Nick left his girlfriend Amy Wilson and the two fell in love.

However, after she met him at a hotel and refused to go through with sex, Cameron attacked her and Sharon clocked him over the head with a champagne bottle!