Shear characteristics and design for high strength self consolidating concrete

Where existing provisions are found to require modifications, modified provisions will be developed and verified by additional tests, if needed.The scope of the project does not include the development of new design approaches.Recently, self consolidated concrete (SCC) has gained wider acceptance due its performance characteristics in the fresh state.

shear characteristics and design for high strength self consolidating concrete-21

The first part of the project requires the development of an expanded work plan for experimental and analytical work based on a review of design and construction practices, identification of barriers to the use of SCC, and identification of research needs.The study will also examine and develop recommendations for mix constituent limits such as aggregate content levels for SCC bridge members.Myers Current reinforced and prestressed concrete design equations were developed for conventional concrete elements. Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) typically contains a lower coarse aggregate content and size than conventional concrete, which potentially hinders the aggregate interlock contribution to a concrete’s shear strength. Develop an expanded work plan for experimental and analytical work.

The work plan should include all testing needed to provide information that will permit extending the application of the specifications to high-strength concrete and should include estimates of the cost and time to complete each testing component. It is anticipated that the majority of the work will consist of proof tests of mid-scale and large-scale concrete members to verify whether existing provisions are applicable for SCC of varying concrete compressive strengths.The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine500 Fifth Street, NW | Washington, DC 20001 | T: 202.334.2000Copyright © 2017 National Academy of Sciences. Title: Shear behavior of high-strength self-consolidating concrete in Nebraska University bridge girders Date Published: May-June 2016Volume: 61Issue: 3Page Number: 31-46Authors: Alex Griffin and John J. Although the fresh properties of SCC are beneficial, the effect on hardened properties may be somewhat detrimentally affected.For example, research has indicated that SCC has reduced modulus of elasticity (MOE) values compared to conventional normal-strength or high-strength concretes.Please click here if you wish to share information or are aware of any research underway that addresses issues in this research needs statement.