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Regardless of how much you know, constantly be aware that there is much knowledge you are still lacking.

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And it is this same hope that God holds for all the Jewish people. This date marks the death of evil King Alexander Yannai (Jannaeus), a Hasmonian king of Judea from 103 BCE to 76 BCE.

While serving as High Priest at the Temple in Jerusalem, Yannai mocked the Sukkot service, at which point the crowd showed their displeasure by pelting him with etrogs.

His writings speak poignantly, with rare sensitivity and with humor to people of all backgrounds. My brothers are very bitter toward my parents, and have also distanced themselves from me. What can I do to have a better relationship with my brothers? It is truly frustrating to experience negativity toward us when in reality we did nothing wrong.

I think my brothers are jealous of me because I am the only daughter, and I got more attention growing up. But first of all, you need to realize that other people's free will is not in your hands.

However, having made a contribution to the community fund, people generally feel that they have thereby discharged their obligations.

Since those in need of help rarely confront us directly, we may not be aware that their needs remain largely unmet.There is no reason that the tension between you and your brothers should carry over into these relationships as well.3) Think about your brothers and generate love in your heart. 4) Make sure this sibling rivalry does not repeat itself with your own children.On various occasions Yannai ordered the killing of Pharisees, and feasted while watching the executions.According to traditional sources, Yannai later repented and cooperated with the Pharisees.Your complete guide to Shimon Moore; including news, articles, pictures, and videos.