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That's the question I used to ask Until I laid eyes on you.

Another great poem for new love.details with quiet intensity the fierceness of his love and desire for his paramour.Not to be mistaken for literal cannibalism, the author wants to consume his lover.Neruda's love poems were often dedicated to his wife, but anyone can read them to their sweetie.Read these love quote excerpts and dedicate them to your special someone. But if each day, each hour you feelthat you are destined for me with implacable sweetnessif each day a flower climbs up to your lips to seek me ah my love, ah my ownin me all that fire is repeated in me nothing is extinguished or forgottenmy love feeds on your love, beloved and as long as you liveit will be in your armswithout leaving mine.© 2000 Virgo Please respect the rights of the author and Passions in Poetry.

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Ready to surprise your sweetie with a love poem this V-day? Once at the site, you simple fill out some basic information and a love poem will be generated FOR you. My husband was actually nearby when I was creating one and he wanted to join in, too!

From there, you can use the drop down bars to select the phrases that speak the most to your soul (you still want to make it personal after all! We had fun creating poems for each other and reading them aloud dramatically to the other.

"But if each day each hour you feel that you are destined for me with implacable sweetness…"By far one of the most talented voices in South American literature, Pablo Neruda's poems make for a lasting legacy that keeps him at the forefront of modern poetry to this day.

His love poems are romantic, erotic, thrilling and breathtaking — and works that anyone who has experienced love should know.

They plan to show the world just a glimpse of their love, to prove the power and glory of it. The love that he bares for her is overwhelming, countered by the brevity of the poem.