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In order to try to find information on how long the tree lived before it died, we have to look at other types of evidence.For example, we could use tree circumference measurements or tree ring data to help us know about how long the tree was alive.

We have to look at other evidence to find this information.In exactly the same way, the carbon dating of the Shroud probably only told us when the Shrouds material died, but not how long it lived before it died.The Shroud was made from linen which has cotton fibers the people doing the carbon dating on the Shroud assumed that the cotton fibers died before the Shroud was actually woven, which generally is a valid assumption.You see, cotton fibers come from cotton plants which of course were living plants at one time, but died before the cotton gets woven.Carbon dating cannot tell us how long anything was alive.

Sometimes, the most important information is how long something lived.Atheists love to select one piece of evidence they like, and throw out any evidence they do not like. True science informs us that we must take into account all the evidence and This article will propose a hypothesis that reconciles the seemingly contradictory evidence and connects all the dots and at the same time, we expect our new hypothesis will add to the controversy.But first, in order to help you fully understand our hypothesis about the Shroud, we would like to inform you of some little known facts about the carbon dating methodology.But the carbon dating results are contradicted by a mountain of evidence that supports the belief the Shroud dates back to the time of Jesus of Nazareth. Mechthild Flury-Lemberg, a respected expert on textiles, discovered that one border of the Shroud contains a particular style of stitching so unique it could have only been created in the time of Jesus or just previous.Such stitching has never been found in medieval Europe but is similar to the hem of a cloth found in Masada, the Jewish fortress near Jerusalem that was destroyed in 74 AD. There are dozens of well documented books detailing an overwhelming amount of evidence that support the belief many Christian have which is the Shroud wrapped the body of Jesus Christ during His Resurrection, and the image on the Shroud was created by energy that emitted from the body of Jesus during His Resurrection.Carbon dating could not tell us when the tree actually began its life.