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It has also well-laid out road route to the southern coastal cities of Crimea.

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Simferopol is situated on the banks of the Salgir River emerging from the Crimean Mountains.

The Crimean Mountain range is easily accessible from Simferopol; thus, providing a fantastic opportunity for outdoor adventures - like mountaineering, hiking and trekking.

The Scythian Neapol, which is the ancient remnant of the Scythian reign, still exists in Simferopol and is a good option for sight-seeing.

There are other places like Saint Troitsky Monastery, that are also worthy to watch.

Tourists love to trek on the forest pathways and get engrossed by the nature.

There are also remnants of interesting ancient cave-dwellings dating back to Middle Ages of Europe, which were once inhabited by the Jews and other kinds of colonies.

Every year lots of students come to Simferopol for their studies, as Crimea and Ukraine have visa-free regime for US and EU citizens.

Simferopol is also the economic and administrative center of Crimea, thus is crowded by all class of travelers all the year round.

One can find a number of good travel agencies that organize guided tours, trekking programs, excursions and sight-seeing in Simferopol. It was once a home to native Crimean Tartars who called this city as Aqmescit or Ak Mechet or "The White Mosque".

The history of Simferopol even dates back to 3rd century BC when it was inhibited by Scythians.

The location was also home to a Crimean Tatar town, Aqmescit.