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As a child she sang for her Baptist church and at the age of 12, she made it to the final auditions of the Mickey Mouse Club. She toured with the boy band 98 Degrees to promote the subsequent album, Sweet Kisses.Jessica Simpson's younger sister is Ashlee Simpson, the well-known pop singer. Her future husband, Nick Lachey was a member of the band.

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Some Twitter users suggested Simpson may have been drunk as, according to some viewers, she appeared to be slurring her words and giggling a lot.

Her two-hour appearance on the network was much talked about and #Jessicaon HSN began trending on Twitter.

Helped by follow-up singles 'Where You Are' and 'I Think I'm In Love With You', the album went double platinum.

Columbia's executives decided that, in order to reach the success of the likes of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, Simpson would have to make changes to her sound.

However, she made mistakes in the song and became flustered and tearful.

Her performance was cut out of the subsequent CBS broadcast.

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Jessica Simpson (born 10.7.1980) Jessica Simpson is an American singer who became famous in the 1990s.

But in addition to the bluesman, Simpson has done well for herself after she split from first husband Nick Lachey.

Since her reality show with the former boy bander, Simpson has dated a number of high profile athletes and musicians.

Jessica Simpson may run a billion dollar fashion business but she is the first to admit there were times when she wasn’t savvy with money.