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I won't wreck the story if you don't know it.--Perhaps we'll pass close by in port or to port one day--have fun-ciao I had a Jaguar 25 once (same as a Catalina 25 but built in the UK), but sold it for a smaller boat 6 yrs ago.

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Good for you for makin' the plunge, but some people jump onto submerged rocks.

It's not quite as simple to sail and navigate the ocean as some people think.

If you dont have that mate, Single Sailors Seeking Soul Mates is a great place to start.

If casual dating, is your speed, that is not why this group was created. please fill out the info section of your cf profile to include status and please post in the off topic thread, ssssm part deux to show intent.

I had always assumed "no man, no boat", so for a while I looked for a boyfriend with a boat (bad idea). So this summer I think I'll head down to Burnham Harbor downtown Chicago and see how that pans out. Renee'You have a "distance" qualifier so I can't write you direct, maybe you will get this post, get back to me if you want.

After all, it wasn't that long ago that it was out of the ordinary for women to drive a car. I searched under sailing, you will see what little I did post might be of enough interest to talk.My current First 18 is more like camping afloat but she sails well, even loaded with cruising gear. You ask this - "So where do we find single guys who like to sail too? moreton bay recovered fairly quickly, most of the oil was cleaned off the outer moreton Is.I don't race and am not a member of a club except the Trail Sail Association. many clubs have fun sail days,sunset sails or weekend club regattas... "But you say this - "I race sail boats (too much I am told). beaches and rocks without significant losses to wildlife..containers lost are in deep water and are water soluable mineral fertilisers... If anyone is interested in sailing documentaries, check out -Deep Water.Hi: I came across this forum while looking for dating sailors. quite a path across the reef was gouged out though.... I am single (details about that later) and have fallen in love with sailing just three short years ago. I own my own boat - a Spindrift 22 swing keel, which sits on a trailer in my back yard. -- If you're from the Saltspring area there's a great book by an Ontario guy who now lives on Saltspring about one of the solo non stop global races a few years ago.