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You could be part of an upcoming dating series on Slice TV.

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List of popular Slice shows, ranked from best to worst.

This list of the top current and cancelled Slice TV series includes the date when each show first aired, as well as which actors starred in the show.

A few were released on home video but most were available only via pay-per-view television.

While these shows were filled with nudity and language not suitable for regular television, they all featured Blind Date's signature humorous thought bubbles, lower third text, and graphics.Sometimes the subtitle "Three Strikes, You're Out" would be used on a date to indicate that the person has twice before appeared on the show with unsuccessful dates and is foreshadowed to be another unsuccessful date yet again.Blind Date occasionally matched up people older than the usual under-30 age group.That's strange, but it's possible that it didn't get correctly set at configuration time...This is a list that features shows like Project Runway Canada and Zoo Diaries.Certain especially disastrous pairings were described as "Dates From Hell," and the show frequently concluded with excerpts from the show's "Hall of Shame" (embarrassing moments), "Cutting Room Floor" (footage that was comic but not deemed integral to a date's narrative), and "Hot Zone" (extremely sexy footage from successful dates).