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There are a number of ways a social story can be implemented.For a person who can read, the author introduces the story be reading it twice with the person. For a person who cannot read, the author reads the story on an audiotape with cues for the person to turn the page as he/she 'reads' along.It was developed by Carol Gray and seeks to include answers to questions that autistic persons may need to know to interact appropriately with others (for example, answers to who, what, when, where, and why in social situations).

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Directive sentences direct a person to an appropriate desired response.They state, in positive terms, what the desired behavior is.Carol Gray developed the social story ratio which defines the proportion of directive or control sentences to descriptive and/or perspective sentences.She suggests that for every one directive or control sentence, there should be two to five descriptive and/or perspective sentences. This can be addressed by a technique which is used to help individuals with autism 'read' and understand social situations.

For example, theory of mind describes the difficulty autistic individuals have in assuming the perspective of another person.

Fading can also be accomplished by rewriting the story, gradually removing directive sentences from the story.

Social stories are useful for helping individuals with autism learn appropriate ways to interact in social situations.

While studies are currently assessing the effectiveness of social stories, they appear to be a promising method for improving the social behaviors of autistic individuals.

Help a child prepare for upcoming events with inexpensive, instantly downloadable social stories for self-printed booklets or i Pad use. Over 30 titles developed by a mother of autism for your family and autism support needs.

This type of sentence presents others' reactions to a situation so that the individual can learn how others' perceive various events.