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Hence closing other applications and leaving the computer alone for a bit will help.

Don’t sit there screaming that the download is taking forever when you have Hulu or Netflix streaming on another computer.

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It’s as big as the original installer download for SAV 9. Tip: If the download process seems to have hung, reboot your computer and try again.

Otherwise wait for an off-peak time when internet speeds will improve.

For many hours on the 19th, Sophos technical call centers were so busy customers were unable to even get through to wait on hold for assistance.

Anyway, before I can mention scans I should mention your antivirus has to be up to date.

If you have any personal information on one of these computers and use it over the Internet you are placing your data to a high risk of being seen by others.

If you install anti-virus software on a computer running Windows 95, 98, ME, and NT, it will not completely remove the risk of data loss covered above.Once the download has completed the status windows shows you the Last Updated date and time.During the update the computer can slow down a bit.Reminder: if it gets stuck reboot the computer and wait for a quieter time.Users of Sophos' antivirus software were hit by a false positive bug on Wednesday that saw some of the program's own updates classed as a false positive malware, which then deleted crucial files.It’s a waste of time to run a (possibly lengthy) scan and find nothing because the scanner wasn’t up to date. Generally speaking, the way it works is that you download and install the main scanning software and then that software has to connect back to a server (provided by the company that sold you the software) for regular updates.