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Well, the whole cast except for Chandler Bing himself, Matthew Perry, who was busy acting in a play in London.

Last year, she delivered some impressive voice work as an owl who just emerged from a coma on Bojack Horseman. You can’t imagine anyone saying the word “Juice” with more sincere compassion.And then there is David Schwimmer, who spent most of the past decade as the voice of a nervous giraffe in the Madagascar movies. These are five actors who have seen their careers go in wildly different directions since they shared the screen week after week on Friends.Following the Friends finale, Aniston quickly became the biggest star of the group, thanks more to her tabloid-fueled relationship with Brad Pitt than for the hit-or-miss movie roles she landed.Last year, she failed to nab an Oscar nomination for her impressive performance in Cake, a movie that was intended to prove her worth as a serious actress but may have ended up being too brutally depressing for voters.Elsewhere during the “reunion,” much was made of an alleged contract that they had to sign saying they wouldn’t sleep together, but after a cliffhanger commercial break, they quickly threw cold water on that rumor.

So if you were hoping for any bombshell behind-the-scenes revelations, well, you came up empty-handed.

Courteney Cox was the most established member of the cast when Friends began.

In the years after it ended, she attempted to repeat the familiar formula on Cougar Town.

But once you read a little more closely, the truth became apparent.

This was not the Friends reunion fans had been waiting for, but rather one segment in a larger special dedicated to legendary TV director James Burrows, who helmed several episodes of Friends along with shows like Cheers, Taxi, and Will & Grace.

Instead of catching up with the characters of Friends, Sunday night’s special simply highlighted the mostly awkward interactions of five actors who have seen their careers go in markedly different directions in the 12 years since the show ended its 10-season run.“We really wanted to connect,” Lisa Kudrow said of the “unspoken” need for the cast to become friends in real life.