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we'll have more on that strategy in the near future.But you can find a good summary of that meeting at The Day, here:secoast.us13.list-manage2.com/track/click?Vice ranking members are supposed to be relatively new to their panel and are elected by their fellow Democratic members." Two Important Upcoming Events BOTH on Wednesday, Jan.

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New London Landmarks adds their voice to the strong stand taken by New London Mayor Michael Passero against the Kenyon to Old Saybrook Bypass.

A well-written letter, and an important reminder of the potential impacts to an anchoring community for the southeastern Connecticut coast.

"During her four years on the committee, Congresswoman Esty has championed forward-thinking reforms to promote sustainable fuel sources, provide every American with access to safe drinking water, and make long-overdue upgrades to our highway and rail systems," De Fazio said in a statement.

Democrats established the vice ranking member post this year.

No doubt the first immediate piece of that puzzle is a rally scheduled in Mystic on Saturday, February 11, from 10 a.m. Certainly you can expect a strong presence from SECoast at the event.

Yesterday, in Old Lyme, as part of Community Connections' lecture series, Greg Stroud spoke to a sold-out gathering of community leaders, outlining the basic legal strategy to attacking the NEC Future process..."We saw it and confirmed it did not come from the transition team," Brigham Mc Cown, the chairman of the Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure, told our Lauren Gardner.Mc Clatchy reported that the list shows the projects that the Trump administration would possibly want to prioritize as a part of an infrastructure plan.Her televised interview, after a rally by Charlestown and Westerly in the Rhode Island Capitol, is definitely the must watch piece of the morning.You can see that here:secoast.us13.list-manage.com/track/click? u=e71f3c998da7d1ec6a52302f2&id=b129a2196c&e=35e6889225Yes, there is still a little wiggle room there which requires care, particularly for residents on the other side of the border in Connecticut.MORE: go.turnto10.com/2j Tdj Sw From Politico this morning..."Connecticut Rep.