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These didn’t sit right with members of the black community in St.Louis—including some museum staffers—who called for the removal of several pieces by the artist, who is white, and for Uslip’s resignation.The Eads Bridge has been one of the most iconic structures in St.

solo museum show, coated in digital scans of smeared toothpaste.The print is splattered with different shades of chocolate. Louis (CAM) announced on October 10 that its chief curator, Jeffrey Uslip, had “unexpectedly accepted a new position at another institution.” What now turned out to be Uslip’s final exhibition at the instituiton, “Kelley Walker: Direct Drive”—the artist’s first solo exhibition at an American museum—opened at the CAM on September 16, quickly making headlines for all the wrong reasons.A number of Walker’s works on view at the museum include images of police brutality toward Civil Rights protesters, silk screened with smeared white and dark chocolate.The week of the opening, artist and activist Damon Davies took to Facebook to express his outrage at the actions of both the artist and the curator during a talk at the museum.

“When confronted with an actual black person, Walker became flustered and angry and had no actual answer for why he was using these images,” Davis wrote on Facebook.

Louis' landmark Gateway Arch, Eads Bridge and much more!

Watch as construction progress continues for the City Arch River 2015 project and explore St. October 28, 2015 will mark the 50th Anniversary of the completion of the Gateway Arch which was built as a monument to the vision of Thomas Jefferson and St.

We accept responsibility for the breakdown in conversation that occurred.

We apologize, and acknowledge that this is especially problematic given the current climate in our region.

“When he couldn’t answer my questions, the curator, Jeffrey Uslip, interjected and tried to explain for him.