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The first problem with the tutorial was not properly presenting the web application that we were going to develop as a whole.

This resulted in a tutorial to describe, comment and rate touristic places in Galway as autism-friendly or not.The application had even been requested by the Galway Autism Partnership!Last year, the afterparty which is the main networking occasion, couldn’t happen close to the workshop and as a consequence very few participants attended while the majority were coaches.This time it happened close to the workshop and more participants attended.Also, they mostly did not have any programming experience, as in Fig. We hosted 70 effective participants out of 97 applications which came from all over Ireland (some from Dublin and Limerick).

All of the 97 applications were accepted because we planned for a ratio of 5 attendees per coach which worked well last year.Also, we tried our best to host highly ranked speakers with interesting insights and experiences to share.The third change was to explicitly asked for feedback to the attendees after the event via questionnaire. 1 - Age groups of the Rails Girls Galway 2014 applicants Their overall feedback was positive for a large majority (Fig. Finally, another change was introducing explanations on Git Hub and having everyone publishing their code on their own Git Hub account since the very beginning. 2 - Overall enjoyment scale of the Rails Girls Galway 2014 participants As we can see from Fig.Many were willing to commit more days if necessary for the learning process (although I do not know how much the volunteers would be available to dedicate more days..especially those who came from abroad like Dublin and Waterford).As a personal additional remark, the networking experience sometimes does not happen on its own by just splitting participants in groups, but needs some encouragement.Also, having the afterparty right after the workshop is not a good idea because the participants are too tired at the end.