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The short answer is that yes, many Asian women would prefer to be dating a Westerner — and I’ll give you some reasons why.Just keep in mind that Asian women don’t Many Asian women like Western guys because they’re bigger and more physically masculine.These days, more Western guys than ever seem to be interested in Asian women.

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Also, these women are far less likely to play games with you or give you the run-around.

If you’re willing to commit to them, they will commit to you fully and passionately.

Stars such as Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise are practically as well-known overseas as they are in the United States.

If you’re a decent-looking white guy, you’ve got a built-in appeal because women in Asia associate your “look” with the actors they enjoy watching.

Western women see these qualities as signs of masculinity and virility.

Many Asian women feel the same way once they’ve dated a Western guy; they love the feeling of being held and protected by a strong man (and they love playing with our chest hair, too).Of course, this is also a reason why Western guys love dating Asian women.Because Asian women tend to be very petite, you certainly don’t need to be over six feet tall and have bulging muscles to feel like a “big man.” Even a regular-sized Western guy feels big when he walks around in Asia (which is yet another reason why we love dating Asian women. ) Note: In the Philippines, if you’ve got a belly a lot of Asian girls won’t hold it against you. It’s a sign that you’ve got money and can afford to keep yourself well-fed.This alone is one of the great benefits of dating Asian women. Virtually every Asian woman who is trying to meet guys online is hoping to find a husband who will take her out of her country.This doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s looking for some guy who can get her a Green Card.But a lot of Asian women are looking for true love and romance, and they’ve seen enough Hollywood movies to know that Western guys are looking for the same type of thing. By the age of 25 a single Asian woman is considered “over the hill!