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He has been given the task of not only killing Dracula, but granting him absolution (the Church realizes that Dracula is in fact Judas Iscariot). What the Cardinal giving Uffizi this task may or may not know is that the priest was scratched by a vampire fang in a previous hunt.

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Before that the now faceless Eric (dracula tore off Eric's face) attacks Uffizi and the others, Luke grabs a bottle of holy water and then jams the holy water in Eric's throat. Then Uffizi goes after a now-free Dracula after noting that Luke will make a great vampire hunter someday.

Uffizi catches up with Dracula and during the showdown, Dracula taunts him with the fact Elizabeth will simply die and Uffizi knows it.

The girls are mainly students, who want to enjoy themselves, go to restaurants, etc. The Headquarters of the Navy (the Shipbuilding Museum). In 1904, a new stone building of the yacht club was opened. Before 1982, the territory was occupied by a marketplace.

or ladies of thirty-year age who want to get married. Tourists usually come for a week from various countries, but mostly from the US and Europe. Before the revolution, near this place, at the intersection of Admiralskaya and Sovetskaya streets, the main church of Nikolaev was standing - a majestic Admiralteyskiy cathedral. The building of the Black Sea Fleet Headquarters was constructed in the style of Russian classicism in 1794. Nikolaev Regional Art Museum of Vereshchagin has more than 9 thousand works of art including 148 paintings of the famous artist of battle scenes V. After it was moved, the city authorities decided to open a children’s amusement park there.

A lot of local marriage agencies are involved in organization of “wedding” tourism. According to the words of one of the girls, it works this way. The museum is located in one of the best buildings in Nikolaev - an architectural monument of the second half of the 19th century. Near the entrance, there is a monument to the founder of the city Prince G. He designed a lot of similar structures built in Russia and abroad, including the famous television tower in Moscow on Shabolovskaya Street. Nikolaev Zoo, founded in 1901, is one of the best in Europe. It is a shady pedestrian promenade above the Ingul River, vaguely reminiscent of Primorsky Boulevard in Odessa.

It all starts with emails on the Internet, chat, and then a tourist comes to the city and continues communication or doesn’t do it. Today, the tower is not used for its intended purpose. Today, it has about 5700 animals of 460 species; a lot of species living there are listed in the Red Book. The boulevard offers views of the river, bridges, and the Yacht Club.

It is standing on the estuary of the Yuzhny Bug River, about 40 miles (65 km) from the Black Sea coast. There is an opinion that Nikolaev is not interesting to tourists, because there is nothing to see here.

Nowadays, it is one of the most important Ukrainian Black Sea ports, one of the largest shipbuilding centers of the country. And indeed the city doesn’t have any sights that are well-known all over the world. Today, the collection includes more than 160 thousand exhibits.

Elizabeth, meanwhile, feels increasingly strange as the infection in her grows, as does her attraction/bond to Dracula. Uffizi tells Elizabeth, now on the verge of becoming a vampire herself, to enter the sunlight.

Finally, another member of the team injects himself with Dracula's blood, becomes a vampire and goes out to feed. He says it will be agony, but the vampiric part of her will be burned away.

In place of an interesting story is a movie that takes the character of Dracula, binds him to a cross, and keeps him locked up for most of the feature's running time.