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"People are practically starving there, that is what drives Uzbek girls on to the street," said Bahadyr Abdullaev, a businessman from the Kyrgyz town of Jalalabad who makes frequent trips across the border.

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For a night's work in Andijan, a large Uzbek regional centre, an Uzbek prostitute can earn 1500 to 2000 sums, between 1.2 and 1.5 US dollars.

Over the border in the Kyrgyz city of Osh, she could earn 1000 to 1500 soms, or 21 to 32 dollars, for the same amount of work. Girls have long been selling their bodies in both countries according to 23-year-old prostitute Nazira from the Uzbek town of Khanabad.

It is a very busy hotel, and I was there the night of a wedding, which I could hear 14 floors up (though only for about an hour, as when the party moved into the ballroom, it was much more contained).

There's free wi-fi (which worked the majority of the time) and a working mini fridge. Compared to some of the other hotels of this type in the city, I would return again based on the location.

Of course they don't admit to their real profession, their families think they are peddling goods at Kyrgyz markets," he said.

Even in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbek prostitutes fear running into members of their country's diaspora, so they tend not to work on the streets, preferring saunas and hotels. Uzbek prostitutes are more vulnerable than their Kyrgyz counterparts, according to local pimp Manzura K. They can't charge local prostitutes with anything, but as the Uzbek girls are living here without registering, they can demand bribes from them," he said.Jalalabad journalist Jalil Saparov is one of the many Kyrgyz worried about the republic's new image."Liberal attitudes and a weak legal framework on this issue is making Kyrgyzstan the sex capital of the Fergana valley region," he said, adding that many fear moral decay within will be mirrored by a declining international image.The buffet breakfast was a scrum which wasn't helped by the Cental Asian inability to queue. right in the middle of the city overlooking Amir Timur Square, a 5 minute walk to Broadway and with a metro stop right outside its front door.This was a much larger hotel than I had stayed at elsewhere in Uzbekistan, so didn't have the charm that a smaller place would have.I would not recommend this hotel to anyone for sure, let alone coming back and staying here.