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When that happens, you just go, I really just don’t give a fuck, and you close the computer.

People are going to say what they’re going to say, and the tabloids will always spin shit.”Five years ago, Momsen turned her back on Gossip Girl—and acting.

“The biggest thing we lost was time and we had such a good vibe going, and had built up this room at Water Music with our specs, so it was perfect.

She’d hooked up with producer Kato Khandwala, who introduced her to guitarist Ben Phillips, and the three began writing some songs together.After a few band alterations, The Pretty Reckless was born.They reportedly began dating in October, and although they never spoke about one another publicly, they were photographed holding hands and being generally adorable until it was learned this week that the couple had split.For three-plus years, the celeb-infatuated sphere knew the striking blonde as Jenny Humphrey, problem child extraordinaire on the CW series Gossip Girl.When it comes to The Pretty Reckless, much ink has been spilled over Momsen’s skimpy sartorial choices, as well as the album’s provocative cover art.

It features a nude Momsen, back turned to the camera, with a cross-arrow painted on her back and pointing towards her crack.

Now, when the phrase “actor-musician” is mumbled, it immediately conjures up horrifying images of Bruce Willis crooning a cover of “Under the Boardwalk,” or Russell Crowe howling away in 30 Odd Foot of Grunts.

But Light Me Up, the debut LP by The Pretty Reckless, was—surprise! And there was Momsen front and center, dressed in black, singing and playing rhythm guitar.

"And I addressed it, and, you know, that's a chapter in my life that's closed now," she said of the song, "Forever & Always." Swift kept busy after her split from Jonas, but in late 2009, her "You Belong With Me" co-star Lucas Till admitted that the two had a bit of a fling. "[But] most relationships work out 'cause you get along and then you don't, and then you make up and it's passionate. That's the only reason that didn't work out." By the time news came out that Swift had dated Till, she was already dating her [article id="1649815"]"Valentine's Day" co-star Taylor Lautner[/article].

They met in the summer of 2009 and while they never publicly addressed the relationship, they were spotted hanging out together until their breakup in December 2009.

Long before her famous boyfriends, [article id="1647988"]Taylor Swift wrote a song about a guy named Drew[/article] and found mainstream success with her ballad "Teardrops on My Guitar." Now when Swift writes a tune, while she may not confirm who she's singing about, her muses are a lot more high-profile.