Taylor swift hockey dating

I’ve looked around on the internet to see if there is an answer, but apparently TMZ doesn’t seem to care about the Los Angeles Kings and the dating habits of its rookies.

Anyone out there see Taylor and Drew out on town together? If Drew Doughty is getting chicks like Taylor Swift, can you imagine the scene when these 3 Kings rookies hit up the Manhattan Beach bar scene after a game?

Allegedly, he introduced her to his mom and friends at the party.While TMZ claims that the pair aren't connected, and that Drizzy made the introduction specifically because Swift doesn't normally attend the rapper's parties, Page Six has a different account of the pair's "intimate flirting."Since the sources in both pieces are anonymous spies, educated readers may not want to put their faith in either — and an "insider" report that emerged this week, that Drake and Taylor were collaborating on music together, seemed similarly suspect.But that isn't keeping social media from pretending they are.The sourcing behind Drake and Taylor's rumored pairing is scarce at best, but the rumor mill started churning after Taylor attended Drake's 30th birthday party in Los Angeles last week — a function that, coincidentally, her ex-boyfriend John Mayer and ex-BFF Katy Perry both attended.But Drake clearly is enjoying the rumors, posting a picture of him and Taylor (that appears to be from his birthday party) with the winking caption, "Is that velvet?

With Taylor Swift having so many A-list romances to sing about, it's only natural to assume that she's going steady with every guy she hits the town with. US: She came to your show in Nashville recently at the Ryman Auditorium? They came over on the set one day and it was a really fun time. RF: It's funny because they are really normal and chill. They got a long very well because Chord's so outgoing and Taylor's very outgoing. But mostly, it was pick out all our favorite parts and then pick a top 5, and while there’s not a lot going on in the video, we still had a hard time choosing!Don't get too excited: the Internet's new favorite celebrity couple are (almost certainly) not dating.I hoped it would do well, but I never ever thought it would go to number one. I mean having a top ten is an exciting thing, but having a number one record is completely insane. RF: It's really kind of just about the way the guys live our lives. We went and recorded it in a couple days and put it out. Taylor was originally going to write the rap and she ended up running out of time cause she obviously is the busiest human on earth, so we actually got together and put together a track and started working. It talks about whatever sh*t goes bad, it's kind of like just forget about it and just go out and have a good time. I came up with a base core idea of eight blocks and came up with some lyrics, so we got in the studio with her and T-Pain. And so it happened in February after the country star hit an LA hockey game with star Chord Overstreet. US: What's it like being from Nashville and being surrounded by all the country groups when you are more pop-rock? I love being a pop band that grew up with country roots from Nashville. It's not exciting forming a pop band from LA or pop band from NY. I mean not only are we great friends and we’re from Nashville, but it’s also a good fit for the tour situation over there. RF: Yeah, she hung out and danced like a crazy person in the front row! There are no like weird personalities or anything like that. They were just hanging out and they happened to be very famous.