Tbi and dating intimidating football team names

Afterall, they're suppose to look pretty while putting themselves at risk for dangerous injury. Cheer leaders have suffered many head and spinal injuries. The thing is after the TBI people walk around like this not knowing what they are doing wrong.

Many sports are dangerous, but most folks don't realize the serious risks for cheerleaders -- the most dangerous sport for females in highschool and college.

Cheerleaders do back flips too and without helmets.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can, like any injury, range in severity from a simple bump on the head to something much more serious.

As I wrote in an earlier post TBI is unfortunately a growth area, especially in the military.

"MTBI," they called it -- mild traumatic brain injury. Who, even after being hit by a car as a pedestrian and breaking all sorts of bones and body parts years before, had healed quickly enough that a walking trip through Spain was doable only a year later. Though the cognitive struggles have improved significantly, allowing him to continue and rebuild his law practice (which suffered in the first year after the injury), and though the extreme nature of the head pain has subsided enough on a day-to-day basis that he's once again able to enjoy many aspects of his life, the landscape of his existence -- and ours as a couple, a family -- has changed significantly.

Pete's head had been turned slightly to the right; the impact was stunning, and amongst other injuries, his right frontal lobe sustained damage. A man who longboarded down the Strand with his teenage son and played softball with his band of buddies. In the three years since, Pete's world has been about ERs, hospital visits, neurology treatments, pain management, ear/hearing care, and pharmaceutical assistance for a myriad of injuries and symptoms including painful ear nerve damage, considerable hearing loss, 24/7 tinnitus, excruciating head pain, cognitive challenges, persistent startle reflex, loss of certain emotional components, etc.

Sometimes Pete could barely tolerate talking, and silence became a big part of our lives. It was a brutal experience for him, for me, for our family, one that shook us all to the core.

Activities with our son in the two years before college were mostly nonexistent. The pain level got so extreme last year that he hit a full-blown crisis that resulted in him leaving home for a couple of months in an attempt to quell the pain inside his head and heart.

Nearly six out of 10 casualties entering the military hospital at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington DC have been diagnosed with some degree of traumatic brain injury, an indication of the nature of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Many victims of traumatic brain injury experience personality changes, some subtle, some severe.

Reports from family remembers described a "lack of warmth or love as a postaccident development that placed a burden on their relationship", suggesting a causal link between TBI and empathy problems.