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For parents it is important to train our children to react appropriately to these advances.

Predators often prey on a teen’s desire to be liked, using sympathy and flattery to manipulate them.While this is a form of deception, it is not overt deception but rather a subtle and powerful form of psychological and emotional manipulation.Using an alias he contacted the girl through Facebook and threatened to send the photos to her friends unless she sent him a sexually explicit video of herself.Again, these cases are thankfully rare, but they also are a part of a much larger issue known as “sextortion.” Youth today live in a confessional culture: nothing, it seems, is too embarrassing to talk about or post on the Internet.Teens most at risk are those who use the Internet to express an interest in sex or portray a sexy image.

While it is normal for teens to be curious about sexuality and seek affirmation from others, for some this can become a secret obsession.

In nearly three-quarters of the cases, victims met with their offender offline more than once, and in a quarter of the cases victims ran away to be with their offender.

These statistics tell us that the majority of predation cases are actually examples of statutory rape.

Half of victims said they felt close with or were in love with their offender.

Surprisingly, very few pretended to be teens online or were dishonest about their sexual intentions.

As distressing as these cases are, it is somewhat comforting to know that they are extremely rare.