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If you feel like you are going to hurt yourself, reach out right away to an adult, a friend, or a counselor. You can visit The Trevor Project or call 866-488-7386 for help.If you are going to have sex with another girl, keep in mind that women who have sex with women are at risk for many of the same STDs as women who have sex with men.

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However, we discussed what to do “The best way to not get pregnant or STDs is to stay abstinent.

Abstinence is a harder promise to keep as you get older because there’s so much pressure to be sexually active. They’ll help you keep your promise.”Anyone you’re seriously thinking about having sex with should be someone you can talk to about it.

It’s natural as you develop to wonder about these feelings, and it may take time to figure out whether you are attracted to guys, girls, or both.

Keep in mind that being attracted to girls is normal.

Some people feel like once they’ve had sex there’s no turning back. You don’t have to feel bad about yourself if you regret having sex.

Everybody makes mistakes — that’s just part of learning.Consider some of the advice below to take good care of yourself.Remember that you deserve to make your own decisions about sex and not feel rushed or pressured.You, having pleasant conversations with others, could share your feelings and also do casual chat for pass time.ఈ సైట్లో ఏ భాగాన్ని కూడా పూర్తిగా గాని, కొంత గాని కాపిరైట్ హోల్డరు & ప్రచురణ కర్తల నుండి ముందుగ రాతపూర్వకంగా అనుమతి పొందకుండా ఏ రూపంగా వాడుకున్నా కాపిరైట్ చట్టరీత్యా నేరం.You don’t owe anyone sex, whether they pressure you by being nasty or by being nice!