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Even though we don’t talk as much as before, he seems bored. Twenty to thirty-minute phone calls have shrunk to five to ten-minutes. He said he noticed I was gradually getting frustrated but he thought I would be okay and honestly he didn’t care much due to his own problems. I’m well aware that field work is tough and it’s hard to contact me even though he can find time to use the washroom and have meals. Whether you are a woman or a man, we are supposed to expect basic courtesy between lovers. If he’s really that tired all the time, break up with him. You guys sound like a couple who hit the seven year itch. It seems you will have to do all the house chores even when you are working as well. Meet a better guy and be loved happily~~~My mom said we always have to try to be our best to our girlfriend during the initial dating period. He seems like a good guy but his hard work must be the problem. If you will be on a trip, you should let your partner know it. Such unintentional negligence makes your partner look desperate for your affection, which hurts their pride and turns them neurotic. And what’s worrisome about going home late after drinking with friends? I’m sorry that women are targeted for crimes but if you want to be safe, don’t stay out until too late. I realized that I was a bad boyfriend who didn’t even call my girlfriend every day.

He still wants to spend weekends with me but compared with before we don’t spend as much time together. Since he knows what I think now, he told me he will try to care about me better. Even though he cannot always be attentive to me because he’s busy, I just wait for him to assure me that he cares about me. You need to understand that important point in a relationship. Have a great day~~PS: Just to clarify, I couldn’t go to work not because I was intoxicated too much. I don’t have to work all day but when it gets busy, it’s really busy. Why would you stay in such a relationship…One-sided sacrifice and submission makes you tired. If you have a baby, will your tired husband take care of the baby? If you feel you aren’t being loved even once during that period, you should stop seeing him. ㅜㅜ If you can’t deal with it, you will have to break up but it doesn’t seem like he doesn’t love you. It’s worse especially when it’s hot like these days. I’m very sorry but I’m tired to the point where I can’t even say I’m sorry. She said she will be home late because she’s drinking with her friends. If you want to do whatever you want, just stay single. How did you manage to go home when you had no boyfriend? My girlfriend with a smile said to me, “Look at me. From now on, please call me at least once everyday. Your boyfriend might be exhausted by both work and love but he may not want to give you up. It reminds me of the comic where it said just saying “don’t worry about it” all the time meant there was no time to say “I love you”.

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He still likes being with me alone but we only hold hands. I asked him why he couldn’t wait until he made sure I’m home. I normally drink one glass of beer but I didn’t even drink half a glass that night. No matter how busy he is, he still has time to go to the washroom and have meals. Well, maybe not literally just once but it is just not worth it to keep dating someone who doesn’t make you happy. What if I write a comment from the guy’s point of view? Since it was a very hot and tiring day, I just went home to sleep without talking to her. It seems she exploded with all her accumulated frustrations. Wouldn’t it be a turning point between you guys if you can have an open and serious discussion about your concerns? It seems you didn’t really understand him but you pretended to accept him. I know what it feels like to refrain from asking my boyfriend for a date because it is the only day he can take a rest in the week.In the big scheme of things, he’s the same, but small things have changed a lot. If he had waited until I got home, would he have died from fatigue? Normally I wouldn’t even send him a message because it might wake him up but I couldn’t help it on that night. He sighed and replied by asking why I had to talk about it now. Although it was obvious we wouldn’t even be able to talk about it next day because he’s busy… Why couldn’t he just listen to me for five or ten minutes even though he was tired? ㅜㅜ His appreciation for my patience eventually becomes annoying.If you are unhappy that you don’t spend as much time together as you did before, why don’t you try walking him home to be with him longer? Your boyfriend has been doing that for longer than two years. Those women who only take things from guys have no right to complain about changing love. If you want to say “I have bought him some meals though”, you are silly. Edit: I’m sorry about my assumptions.^^ It seems you really love your boyfriend a lot. The OP didn’t have feelings for her boyfriend at first. Isn’t it silly to comfort yourself thinking it is your turn to care more in your relationship when you feel he doesn’t love you as much as before? Don’t bury your head in the sand, face the reality. My relationship with each of them didn’t last for longer than a year. You can also plan to go somewhere with him and stay until late at night. Why do you have to be only on the receiving end of love? However, my heart still flutters with my wife even though we dated for five years before marriage. I hope the OP can try to take care of her boyfriend well. The top comment below might come from someone’s personal experience, but that doesn’t mean their lesson would work in my case. He always offers for you to sit first when there is one empty seat on the bus or subway, right? Do you smile and say thank you to him every time he walks you home?

But it seems true that my pride suffers when I think about how I love him more than he does me, especially since I used to think I received so much love from him. Have you ever gotten grumpy because you didn’t quite enjoy the date or you were tired while he was on his way back home on the last transit? Have you tried to do that for him just for two months? He might have tried to completely accommodate you before. Hence, Joe Schmoe from back home gets called "Brad Pitt" here. I'll also say that I don't buy into the racist assumptions around the issue of international/interracial dating; by virtue of personal experience, observation, and anecdote, the chimera of "white man hoodwinks hapless Korean woman" or "I'm sick of seeing white losers with Korean women above their station as a reflection of the neo-colonial relationship with the United States and a problematic colonized attitude vis a vis whiteness" are usually just longer and less honest ways of pretty much expressing disgust at interracial couples. Basically, if you don't like seeing white men with Korean women AS A RULE, you are making big generalizations and are being racist when you speak/act negatively against them. Yeah, one can quote statistics about "outmarriage" rates or the myriad alleged "wrong reasons" people get into relationships; but I know gentlemen who prefer blondes or redheads, girls who wear skimpy clothes, or just judge women by the size of their mammaries, but you'd have to go and ask about those, right?After all, it's pretty simple: unless you are an omniscient being who can read minds, know the hidden circumstances and motivations of others, and have a clairvoyant grasp of things that take place without you there, you're going on supposition and pre-judging. The only difference is that with an interracial couple, one aspect of their relationship veers from the norm and is displayed from the skin.Please share wise words with me as to how to deal with this situation. I feel guilty about adding time to his travel, but whenever I offered to walk him home he always strongly refuses. Honestly, it seems the guy is a bit bored with you now. The man turns like that the moment his woman has given all of herself to him anyway. Men like women who are not within his easy reach, who do their own work passionately and to whom other people look up. You can go watch baseball or soccer games with him. When they feel exhausted but their girlfriends can’t help them, they will go meet their friends instead. Edit: I’m very surprised this is already a much discussed post. I know it’s not easy to walk someone home all the time. About time he begins to be attracted to other women. When he asks you out on a date, don’t be agreeable all the time. I always appreciate it and often express my gratitude. I always wait for his calls because I don’t want to call him first since he lives with his friends and I don’t want to make him uncomfortable. We discuss our date plans together and we always sit side by side. If you show him that you are usually sweet but you can always leave him, he will pay more attention to you, ke ke.