Thug dating sites

At the same time I don't know their situation and I try not to get into their situation," he explained."I try to do what's best for me, if that situation is right of course I'm gonna take it.Do you mean someone who dresses like a thug, or an actual thug?

I don't want to date someone who is getting into fights and stuff like that. Not that a gangster can't be nice but I don't want someone who outwardly has that impression.

I'd definitely be friends with someone like that, actually I do have friends like that, but it would likely be difficult being in a relationship with someone like that.

I have a pretty dull life, and it might add some excitement, plus I like the whole alpha male thing, because currently Im with a nice guy.

Most of the players I know with girlfriends, its a couple who are both balls deep into drug addiction, and being a dealers GF is really just trading drugs for sex without being a whore on the street.

I have a very good friend who dresses like this and while it doesn't personally bother me, I'm also not specifically attracted to it and it's annoying having to check on what they're wearing before you go anywhere to make sure they're dressed appropriately.

He has been turned away from countless bars/restaurants/clubs for being against dress code.

Yes queenbee, thanks for bringing this to my attention. OR we can be talking about True Thugs that really live the life style.

This can refer to someone who dresses with the thug apparel & also mimics some sort of gangster lifestlye BUT is actually a law-abiding citizen. Not particularly as I'm into a different type of guy.

On one of the up coming tracks, Rich Homie reveals that Baby compares RG to the Hot Boys, the multiplatinum rap group where Lil Wayne got his start alongside Juvenile, B. As far as Lil Wayne's recent spat with Cash Money goes, Quan says the current controversy wouldn't factor in to his decision at all.

"I still would, because that's the relationship they have with Bird, that's not the relationship I have.

"Everyone in Atlanta know me and Young Thug is not gay. "I get a joke out of it, 'cause it's just so funny how people will take anything and run with it." During the half-hour sit down Quan touched on a number of topics including his role in Birdman's Rich Gang crew, which now officially consists of Rich Homie and Young Thug. The same energy he seen in them when they were young," Quan said, revealing that he and Thug record about 15 songs a week.