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They can get a ride inside on people and visiting pets, sneak in through gaps in windows and doors and hide out in carpets or upholstery when you move into an apartment or condo.

So keeping your cat or dog indoors isn't enough to protect him from fleas.

If you leave the head behind, call your vet, and if your pet develops lethargy, fever or stiffness or lacks an appetite, see your vet immediately.

Fleas and ticks are a year-round risk, no matter where you live.

"Even if a product is 99% effective, chances are your pet will pick up at least one tick," says Dr. Ticks range from the size of a poppy seed to an apple seed and will appear plump and bloated if they've fed. "Ticks can transmit some illnesses within hours," says Dr. But forget the lit-match approach to removal—and other ineffective home remedies like dabbing on a glob of soap, petroleum jelly or nail polish.

Click to the next slide to find out what to do if you see one. Instead, grasp the tick behind its head with tweezers.

Today is the second anniversary of our meeting on Outdoor Dating and we've recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary.

For us online dating was about taking risks, second chances, being clear about what we both hoped for in a partner with Christian values (sometimes hard to find online, but Outdoor Dating provides filters), walking and talking, being open and honest, building trust, and finding a friendship and turning it to love.Black specks could be flea droppings, and if they turn red on a wet, white paper towel, fleas have been feeding on your pet. Ask your vet about products that contain both adulticides (to kill adults), such as fipronil and permethrin, and insect growth regulators (which keep immature fleas from developing), such as lufenuron and methoprene.Treat all of your pets to halt the outbreak, says Dr. For severe infestations, you may need a professional to treat your home and yard; ask your vet for recommendations.The result: itchy, red welts, just like your pet gets.Fleas also transmit illnesses such as bartonellosis, also known as cat scratch disease, and tapeworm.We have had an amazing year, and our love continues to grow...thankyou.