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(Apple says it will offer an automated tool to do this for you when i OS 10 launches.) But another solution is to update i OS via i Tunes on your Mac.

We explain this relatively painless process in a separate article: How to update i OS on your Mac.

If everything is working as it should, updating to i OS 10 should be extremely simple and user-friendly. The update is pushed out to your i Phone or i Pad automatically.

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We'll address all these questions in our complete guide to i OS upgrades.We explain how to get (download, install and run) i OS 10 on your i Phone and i Pad, potential problems you may encounter while installing i OS 10, the devices that can run i OS 10, our advice about whether it's a good idea for you to make the update and, finally, whether you should let Apple update your i Phone or i Pad for you overnight.And will my i Phone 5, i Phone 5c, i Pad 4 etc, be powerful enough to run i OS 10 without slowing down? i OS 10 launched on 13 September 2016, and you can update your i Phone or i Pad to the latest operating system for free, assuming it's a recent enough device to qualify.(We list all the devices that are allowed to install i OS 10 later in this article, as well as offering advice on whether each device is powerful enough to run i OS 10 without slowing down.) You've probably got three questions: can I update my i Phone or i Pad to i OS 10, should I update my i Phone or i Pad to i OS 10 and (if the answer to the first two is yes) how do I update to i OS 10?Hopefully you will be lucky and it will work first time.

1) Go to Settings Software Update This will force your i Phone or i Pad to check for the latest updates.It's got much better since the huge delays people faced when updating to i OS 6 on launch day. Take a look in the Settings app and scroll down to General.Tap Software Update (the second option down), which will have a little '1' if there's an update for you.i OS will think for a moment and then present you with the update, including the amount of storage space required (you may need to clear some space before downloading) and a link to a 'Learn more' article that tells you about the changes.Simply confirm you wish to upgrade and follow the steps.If you've got an i Phone 5 (or later, an i Pad 4 (or later), an i Pad mini 2 or later or a sixth-gen i Pod touch, your device is officially rated as i OS 10-compatible, and you can update to i OS 10 for free.