Turn buddypress into dating site

Every month, around 751 million people use Facebook from mobile devices alone.

It has over 1.23 billion active users and is valued at 4 billion. There’s Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, and many other social networks to consider too.

You can easily create an interactive social network site, loaded with all kinds of features that you would see on existing ones.

To build a social network yourself, there are only really four Word Press plugins that you need to consider.

Your members will be able to contact each other and network, plus they will get the latest updates of all that is happening in the community you’ve built.

You can create user profiles, create groups, and create a system for private messages.

There are a host of core features that you can build into your Word Press social networking website.

Each of these can be turned on or off whenever you like, giving you full control over your site.Plus, members of the Buddy Press community contribute new open source plugins to extend the Buddy Press platform and make it even better.So by using the Buddy Press plugin, you’ll be a part of an active community that grows rapidly, as well as add some really awesome features to your social network site.On top of this, there’s a large community of Buddy Press users.This means that if you have any doubts or questions, just post it in the (free) Buddy Press community and you will get an answer quickly.Build your social network for interest groups, a college community, a school hangout, a membership-based club, a dating portal, or a gaming community.