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If the women are unattractive, they either mummify themselves in makeup or Photoshop their real pic.The job of the women is to remain online and try to hook an unsuspecting foreigner.They said if I wanted to marry their daughter I had to buy a house.”“Why didn’t you? ”“I don’t remember, one or two million RMB.”“In 2005? Post-Olympic China was filled with cash, most of that happened after 2007, however. His bride could not find the husband and yanked Larry along instead. “Score,” I say.“Not really.” He slides his cell my way.

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Once the guy nibbles, the cyber-pimp swings into action.The foreigner takes an interest in a woman, but is having trouble communicating.The love broker offers special translation services and cultural awareness tips.He assures the foreigner that the Chinese culture is different and the slightest mistake could spell disaster.The woman’s family believes Larry to be their daughter’s better half. Perhaps it’s his openness to the new and different. He smiles at me and his eyes twinkle through patches of curly brown hair.“This is who I was to meet.” He points at the computer screen propped on bony knees and then glances at me. The hair from the top of her head had decided a mass migration was in order and retreated, leaving little in its wake. I thought that the Chinese kitten princess had sent her mom to scout things out. Larry was a victim of the old ‘switcheroo’ whereby a woman posts a pic of herself in her prime.

What she lacked at the top of her skull had meandered around her jawline and chin, however. The unsuspecting foreigner shows up only to find a woman who barely resembles the woman he’d fallen for.

We sat down to talk about his China love search at his 70-meter abode overlooking downtown Beijing. That is what I was told.”I nod.“Yeah, so they told me to buy the home. I was pushing for marriage and they were pushing for cash. When Jack balked, the bride split and he was left with broken dreams. While Jack was almost taken by the “purchase my family a home” sting, Larry fared much worse.

“Her parents wanted money for a house,” he tells me. These people were royalty…”I interrupt and say that China has no royalty.“In the past, you know maybe they were Mongolians or something.” He stares, I nod. I buy them a house and then they give one back to me after the marriage.”“Why not just call it even? If you buy them a house and then they give you one, it makes no sense.”“That’s what I thought. So I was like ‘hey I want to see some rights of ownership and such.’”“How much was the house? Larry is the one who had to fill in for the groom at a Chinese wedding.

Her face had a porcupine swirl, two scrunched up eyes linked by a knotted brow line framed her face and a lollipop jutted from her gaping maw.“The ad is the woman I thought I was meeting and this one here with the roundish head is the one that showed up.”“What did you do? What Larry has lacked in luck he has made up for in perseverance.

He tells me he’s been on all the major dating sites and met tons of women.

While some men may actually find their next wife this way, a measure of caution should be advised.