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Uganda Chat Room is the place where chatters from Uganda come to chat and make new friends.If you are not from Uganda, you are also welcome to join our Uganda Chat Room to meet people from Uganda too.But Laurent defies Lexius and the Sultan's steward takes Laurent to his private rooms, intent on giving a lesson to the rebellious slave. Both are surprised to discover how much they enjoyed the experience, but that doesn't change the status quo... In public, Lexius is the powerful and unbending Master while Laurent is nothing but one of the Sultan's slaves.

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With time, Laurent and Tristan find peace and happiness in the simple pony life, and Tristan falls in love with Nicolas again.

However, Laurent's life takes another unexpected turn when his father dies: he is automatically released from the servitude and summoned back to his kingdom to become the new ruler.

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This is your best opportunity to chat with people from Uganda.Near the end of their voyage, the Captain tells Beauty that she is to be released from the servitude because of her parents' demands and, to her great dismay, she is sent back home.Back at the castle, the Queen agrees to take Lexius as her slave and sentences Laurent and Tristan to the Village stable, where they are made to live and work as ponies.I have no plausible excuse for reading this last book. After everything I had to endure during the previous books, I deserved to know Beauty's ultimate fate.Sure, I could have simply skipped ahead and read the last pages, but I made myself go through the whole enchilada - and that's why I said I had no plausible ex Disclaimer: I read the 1st book on a dare and the 2nd one out of curiosity - you can read my status updates and my reviews here and here, if you're interested.She is then greeted by Innana, one of the Sultan's wives, with whom she quickly falls in love.