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Your live webcam stream will not be shown when you win a prize if you check the box marked ‘Do not show my Live Win Moment’ option.It will be impossible for other Bingocams players to request private chats with you if you check the box marked ‘Refuse private chat requests’.

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The main chat area is the large rectangular section in the centre of the screen and will contain all group chat visible by everyone in the room.

Any messages typed in this section will show as the username first and then the message.

Mc Gregor also claimed he was sleeping rough after moving to London from Essex, when he was splitting his time between the addresses of two women, Blackfriars Crown Court heard.

Georgina Nicholas, prosecuting, said: “In 2010 he was using the internet to connect with girls under the age of 16 and on that occasion making photographs of those children.“It was partly by being nice to them, and once things had crossed a certain line, bullying them into further activity.”She continued: “He indicated to police he had moved to London in August 2014 but he was homeless and indicated the areas where he was sleeping on the streets.“In all fairness he complied with the requirements but the fact is he wasn't homeless.“He was dividing his time between two women at two different addresses, one was aware that he had convictions for sexual offences but didn't know the details, the other had no knowledge.“Whilst this was being investigated it was found he had a mobile phone with internet access which he was prohibited from having, this phone was taken from him.“It was then that the other offences were discovered, he accessed numerous chat rooms and contacted numerous people – predominantly adult women, but on two occasions he contacted people who on the face of it were children.'Mc Gregor sent one of the girls, a 14-year-old, explicit messages saying “I want to **** you”, and asked her to send him pictures, the court heard.

Your buddy-list can be found on the far right hand side of the screen under the Buddies tab where all users in the room are usually displayed.

Reporting abuse by users When you notice negativity of any kind in group chat by any player, you can report them anonymously by clicking on ‘report abuse’.

You can choose to chat to only one user privately rather than chatting in the main room.

To do this, just click on the player’s username and select ‘Start private chat’ from the options.

The group chat box is used for chatting to all players present in the room as well as playing any available chat games at the time.

There is some useful information displayed at the top of the bingo chat room window such as number of friends, number of players, and number of players with active webcams.

When you have typed your message and press ENTER, everyone in the room will be able to see your message.