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You will place your Defenses weirdly, get the best Hot Pot and you will at least beat Stage 5.

Hopefully Stage 6 & more Cmon if myself at HQ18, lvl47 can win Stage 4, & on a few occasions 5 then I know your going to Do Awesome!

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However the water pressure of the shower was very low.

In the early days, I could typically get through stages 1 and 2 with just brute force. If you really want the win boost your blue statues.

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The latest updates can be found on the updates page. Therefore the most effective things against his attacks are the Flamethrowers and the Hot Pot. You can read about optimal base layouts (from my point of view) against Hammerman in my blog P. Also very good defense layouts use our forum member Sol Sol. Also playing the Hot Pot II, again if I boost both Blue Masterpieces that will guarantee me winning Stage 5 When using Hot Pot II Stage 4 Always takes me 2 Defenses. So my answer is either a Hot Pot, Hot Pot II, or even better Hot Pot III. In the early days, I could typically get through stages 1 and 2 with just brute force. As a rule Hammerman attacks with a lot of infantry (riflemen, zookas etc). I've tried many different and now use "two-tier" defense. I'm lvl47, HQ18 VP403 Currently I always beat up to & including Stage 4. If for example im using a Doom Cannon II, I Boost both Blue Masterpieces that will guarantee me a win. I reposition my defenses, buildings & HQ in weird positions. MAKE SURE EVERY mine is triggered & kills maximum zookas & Riflemen ALSO Hot Pot II must be at front of base for maximum effect. In the long run, all defenses will have to be upgraded to constantly stop Hammerman. Well, my current objective is to get my cannons "red"; hence, level 16 when they get the red shield. Machine guns have worse aim than grenadiers Thanks for the tips. The Hot Pot definitely gets you over the Stage 4 and 5 hump though. If I don't have this Hot Pot II, say I've got a grappler II or Doom Cannon II then I will only beat up to Stage 3. Shock Launchers and Rocket Launchers are indeed capable against any troops, but just they alone will not stop higher H waves. Yes, I get the layout can be instrumental regardless of the level of the defense. I am not sure how much farther I will get, maybe from here I will need 2 protos or better defenses.The room was well aired and as I sleep with window open the location was very quite considering road viccinity Had a very nice stay would stay again Rooms very big and warm only one thing is there were 2 of us and thay only gave us one key plenty of space to park your car staff very friendly breakfast was very good We stayed here on Xmas night after spending the day with family close by.