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Set Up Power Connection Blu Ray Settings Blu Ray Network Update Blu Ray Update Notifications Community Q&A Sony Blu Ray players are designed to be updated frequently with the newest programming, called "firmware." Although the updates used to be done with a disc, they can now be performed over the Internet.

Learn more about how to update a Sony Blu Ray player.

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Unfortunately, having played disc 1 & 2 my player is asking for a upgrade before it will play the 3rd disc.How do I get an upgrade and why would it be required for one of a 3 disc set? If your NAD has an internet connection then your should be able to do this from one of the menus.If it does not have internet capability then you should go the the NAD website and look for a download of the update which you will burn to a disc and then run in the NAD as per the instructions.As to why disc 3 need this I would guess that being the latest it will have been mastered differently than the earlier discs. Note: This flash drive must be formatted to FAT16 or FAT32 and must have at least 50MB of free space. - Updating Main Software will take about 2 - 3 minutes.

- A status bar shows the progress of the firmware update.Such links are provided as a courtesy only and their inclusion on this page confers no additional warranty or other legal rights upon anyone.For additional information on your Blu-ray Disc playback device, Blu-ray Disc playback software or Blu-ray Disc title, including any warranty information, please see the individual websites of the respective device manufacturer, software vendor or content provider.You acknowledge that all copyrights and other intellectual property rights in the Software is owned by JKC and its licensor, and remain vested in JKC and such licensor.The Software is protected under the copyright law of Japan and other countries, and related Conventions.Please click on the link below for your specific Blu-ray Disc player manufacturer or Blu-ray Disc playback software vendor and you will be directed to their designated web page for more information.