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Introduction Infrastructure Setting Up an Update Server Building a web Service Creating an Updater Applet Initializing and Reading the Configuration Checking for Updates Downloading Updates Installing Update More Information Every application life cycle involves periodic updates.

Bug fixes, new feature and changes that allow supporting new hardware cause software manufacturers to provide the user with new builds of their software.

NET 2003 Summary: Learn how to use multiple threads in a Windows Forms application with the . (4 printed pages) Introduction Creating a Worker Thread Updating the User Interface from a Worker Thread More Info A rich user experience is a key facet of any interactive application.Software that requires user interaction must respond as quickly as possible to the user’s activities. NET Compact Framework 3.5 from Microsoft and save it on your PC. Connect your device to Activesync/Windows Mobile Device Center and finish the automatically launched installation on your device. For example, to start the new thread and execute the My Function method, call the Start method of the Thread class as shown below: You can update the user interface (UI) from a thread other than the UI thread by using Control. This method executes a delegate in the control’s thread context on the UI thread. NET Compact Framework supports just one of the overloaded Control. Do Events() in your code if you are updating the UI in the worker thread. Do Events() will make sure that any events raised by the worker thread are processed by the UI thread.

It is not necessary to create a dedicated app to update, at least not on WM 6 with .netcf 3.5.

The big problem i have is that i cannot change the installation folder for my app when doing a silent install and it defaults to %install Dir% property from my file. WCEload just stops the aplication if it's installed, so you don't need to stop it manually.

And building a separate for every device that wants to update is not a pretty solution. but You need to install the update in silent mode because if not the user can cancel it, so you need the silen cab installer.

Read on for a Tutorial on how to upgrade to Microsoft . It is a platform that provides tools and technologies you need to build Networked Applications as well as Distributed Web Services and Web Applications. Net Framework provides the necessary compile time and run-time foundation to build and run any language that conforms to the Common Language Specification (CLS).

NET Framework designed to run on Windows CE devices (mobile devices in general, PDAs, Smartphones, Pocket PCs). You need to follow the next steps in order to successfully install .

At the same time, an application must be able to process data and prepare it for display.