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It consists of 44 academic staff, 30 support staff, 7 research fellows, 102 post-doctoral research workers and 121 Ph D students.

We have over 300 undergraduates studying for Part I, II and III of the Computer Science Tripos and 36 graduate students studying for the MPhil in Advanced Computer Science.

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One task is for download updated to admin server`s repository. Please create all these tasks and inform is about results!

In your case it should me "Managed computers" group.

Over the last decade, crowdsourcing has helped solve tasks that are notoriously difficult to crack with computers alone.

Jennifer Wortman Vaughan shares more about this relationship and how it's advancing knowledge of machine learning.

These are only a couple examples, but in reality it can seem as if you’re constantly being prodded to update software on your computer.

It’s not that Adobe, Apple and the like are trying to be a pain, they just want to protect you.

Keep in mind that many web exploits look for outdated software with unpatched security flaws.

This especially holds true for operating system updates.

Station Q represents Microsoft’s global effort to bring together the world’s mathematicians, computer scientists, quantum physicists, and engineers to build a scalable, fault-tolerant, universal quantum computer.

If scientists can understand cancer and the immune systems as well as they understand how to make Microsoft Word run on a PC, they might be able to equip the immune system to mount a powerful response to cancer on its own.

Computing is undergoing the most substantial transformation since the foundations of the field were laid by Alan Turing some eight decades ago.