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Hello All Having recently bought my first Linux OS computer i think i may be writing many more posts...

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You may also substitute the text editor of your choice (e.g., kate for Kubuntu, mousepad for Xubuntu or just use vim/emacs/nano). You will still need a network cable and another computer.See: Installation/Netboot or Netinstall via Windows - if you are having problems with 8.10 netboot, see Bug 322001) On this website: Create a bootable USB Drive or Memory Card, the tool used was UNetbootin which seems to only require the one computer to run it on (as a statically linked binary, no install required, minimal dependencies) and generically works for a large number of distributions in addition to Ubuntu and handles custom diskimages and custom kernels.I tried to load firefox as a browser on my Acer Aspire.Experiencing major problems accessing certain websites. Is Acer Aspire compatible with Mozilla firefox as a browser? To activate ath5k, deactivate the proprietary driver "Atheros wireless card" (System -If you are not very confident with wireless then ath5k is probably for you however I found it to drop out or fail too regularly and installed madwifi instead.

Note: you will have to do this each time your kernel is upgraded.WLAN can be turned off with the switch on the front side of the Aspire One, although you don't get a visual notification in the GUI.The Wireless LEDs however DO NOT WORK with the kernel 2.6.27 that is used in Ubuntu 8.10.Disclaimer: the original Community-Site for the Acer Aspire One is a bit cluttered right now.So I opened a new one, with the goal to maybe replace the instructions for installing Ubuntu 8.10 on the Aspire One - or at least have a single site for the Aspire One 110L. Worked out of the box except for right hand card reader and fan control.Wireless does not work out of the box but can be brought to life easily.