Updating joomla 1 5

For example, if at you on a site version 1.5.17 is set, and the last Joomla 1.5 version is 1.5.22, the upgrade package can be called Joomla_1.5.17_to_1.5.22-Stable-Patch_ Don't worry as it in principle doesn't play any role.You can without fear download a service pack to last versions directly in archive necessary for you which will easily be unpacked on your computer.

updating joomla 1 5-80

There is an official site where there is an opportunity easily to find the necessary upgrade package comparable to your current used CMS Joomla version.

There you will always find the newest Joomla version.

If you're a Mac user you can simply use OSX's native Terminal utility (located under /Applications/Utilities). Look under "Open basedir" and note its location (excluding :/tmp)Let's say your Joomla! Copy the link location to Joomla_1.5.3_to_1.5.7-Stable-Patch_gz and type: wget is a command to download a package file from another server to your server. appears to be stable, you can delete the site_file form your server.

After launching Pu TTy/Terminal, the first thing you want to type is:ssh (Hit enter to submit each command)You should be asked for your password. installation is located, you can login to your Joomla! installation is located in /home/username/public_html/. Type cd ../home/username/public_html/ to go inside the public_html directory. Now type: gzip -d Joomla_1.5.3_to_1.5.7-Stable-Patch_gz The file now has a extension so type: tar -xvf Joomla_1.5.3_to_1.5.7-Stable-Patch_The package is extracted and Joomla!

For this purpose you shall select from the upper menu of an adminka such items, as "Help"- "Information on system".

After you defined your site works at what Joomla version come on an official site of the Joomla developers (joomla.org) though you can choose and their Russian-speaking analogs (references see above), and look at number of that version which is new.If number doesn't match your current version, you can safely update the engine and undertake all subsequent actions.When you will be engaged in XZSTRONGX system up-dating.It is enough to come on this resource, and you will see at once the whole upgrade packages ready for the free downloading.Everything that you will need to make, so it to find a packet which will suit you.The first thing you'll need to do is send your web host support agent a request to enable SSH access (if available).