Updating listbox using a thread in

In Release 3, if you call a large query on the main thread it will block (i.e. If you call it from a thread it will ‘just work’ but in a safe way so crashes don’t occur.The number of IDE bugs squashed in this release is huge.If you stepped through code quickly (I call it spaz clicking) the debug app would usually crash. Typing in the Code Editor seems to be much improved.

The behavior was always discouraged but not outright banned. Just as it does in Cocoa, accessing any UI element from within a thread will cause a Thread Accessing UI exception to be thrown.To workaround, you will have to have your thread fire a timer on your window or class which then updates the UI.I always thought it was silly to be on the bottom and I’m glad they’ve moved it.In addition to that, both the Library/Inspector and Navigators can be made much smaller now.The animations seemed useless to me by wasting cpu cycles.

Sure, it looked pretty but it didn’t DO anything for me as a developer.When in the debugger and you select Edit Code it will take you to another tab so you don’t lose the Run tab.A long term debugger issue was solved in this release. Windows flicker appears to have been reduced by being smarter on when to refresh the window.In addition, some nice new features were added that should make everyone happy although there is one major item that’s bound to give many users (or at least those not building for Cocoa) some heartburn.The big change is that Windows and Linux desktop app developers can no longer access user interface elements from within a thread.Another change that might affect a lot of developers was to the database server plugins.