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Edit your /etc/slapt-get/slaptgetrc file to reflect the new Slackware version This: The --dist-upgrade option will prompt you to install all *new* packages in the ./a series, and you should say "yes" to ensure that you have a working system after the upgrade.

See step 8 below for more information on installing new packages.

Read through the official Change Log to find all packages that were removed from Slackware during the development phase; you might be able use something like this to make the process go a bit more quickly: This option will upgrade (or install, if not already installed) every package in every disk set.

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If you installed Slackware for the first time, you may be daunted by the sight of the blinking cursor at a console login.Let this page guide you through the initial configuration of a freshly installed Slackware system.Login as “root” now - you will find yourself at a “#” console root-prompt. The “” user is not the account which you are going to use as a matter of routine.Root is meant for system maintenance and configuration, software upgrades and the like.Be careful as this will also remove custom built packages.

As you see, this option will be fine if you don't have any custom-compiled packages installed (such as with checkinstall or using Slack Build_Scripts).:) From man slapt-get: See the Slackware site 1 to find an official mirror site.

If your only goal is to stay up-to-date with official security and stability patches for your version of Slackware, then the default configuration of slapt-get should work fine for you.

An individual wishing to upgrade from one release of Slackware to another will have more issues with which to contend than another individual who simply wants to keep up-to-date with official security/stability patches.

The biggest piece of advice I can give to *anyone* regardless of how/why you're using slapt-get is this: READ THE CHANGELOG!

Before we continue, it is important to realize that the Slackware package manager does not perform any dependency checks.