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Bad Table.ix1; END GO Then you'll select your instance - and there's a handy MRU list here, so it will remember previous connections.

Advanced settings allows you to specify the port, whether to encrypt the connection (off by default)and any additional connection string parameters: I like that it shows a breakdown for all compatibility levels above the database's current level.

(In SQL Server 2016, valid values for the database compatibility level are 100, 110, 120, and 130.) ALTER DATABASE Compatibility Level (Transact-SQL) discusses how the compatibility level change could affect SQL Server applications.

Once installed, you will find "Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Upgrade Advisor" in your Start menu.When you launch it, you will see a "What's New" screen: USE master; GO CREATE DATABASE Upgrade Nightmare; GO style="border:thin black solid" alt ER DATABASE Upgrade Nightmare SET COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL = 100; GO USE Upgrade Nightmare; GO CREATE TABLE dbo.This section discusses SQL Server 2016 support for SQL Server 2005.In SQL Server 2016, you will be able to do the following: When a SQL Server 2005 database is upgraded to SQL Server 2016, the database compatibility level will be changed from 90 to 100.First, you can download the Upgrade Advisor Preview 1 from here: This will download an MSI, which is a standard installer that will load the application onto your machine.

As this is beta software, I suggest testing this in a virtual machine or non-production, non-critical workstation.

When you upgrade SQL Server, the previous SQL Server instance will be overwritten and will no longer exist on your computer.

Before upgrading, back up SQL Server databases and other objects associated with the previous SQL Server instance.

Bad Table ( x INT PRIMARY KEY, y NTEXT, ts TIMESTAMP ); GO CREATE INDEX ix1 ON dbo. Bad Procedure;1 @x IMAGE AS BEGIN SET ANSI_NULLS OFF; SELECT name FROM syscolumns; EXEC sp_addtype N'EMail', N'nvarchar(320)'; END GO CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.

Bad Procedure;2 AS BEGIN SET FMTONLY ON; UPDATE b SET x = 1 FROM dbo.

In addition, there is a new feature available here, called the Stretch Database Advisor, which will help provide guidance about tables that might be good candidates for this new SQL Server 2016 feature.