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The loss in September 2017 of the so-called ASATR funds, intended to offset the effects of tax cuts approved by the Legislature in 2006, is expected to reduce funding to many school districts.

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AUSTIN -- In a move that promises to ramp up the debate over school finance in Texas, House Speaker Joe Straus on Thursday instructed two committees to study key aspects of the still-c0ntroversial funding system.

Straus directed the House Appropriations and Public Education committees to study how the upcoming loss of one category of funding in 2017 -- the Additional State Aid for Tax Relief -- will affect local districts across Texas and how the current use of property taxes to fund schools affects quality.

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Analyzes advantages and disadvantages of three alternative strategies for updating the Texas Cost-of-Education Index used in its school finance formula: A comparable-wage index, a cost-of-services index, and a cost-of-outcomes index.

School finance reform never comes quickly or easily, which is why this work needs to continue sooner rather than later." Straus' move comes after a recent decision by the Texas Supreme Court determining that the state's education finance system, while constitutional, is "undeniably imperfect, with immense room for improvement." Straus earlier had called for the Public Education Committee to study educational costs and school districts' facility needs.

Senate committees are looking at some of the same funding and tax issues.

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