Updating zone alarm windows 7 rss gadget not updating

A number of people -- including my stepbrother, who called me over the weekend after his computer got knocked offline because of the Microsoft patch -- felt the problem was serious enough that it should have been called out in a separate blog post. Your blog is always helpful but you don't have to be a complete handholder. I had this issue as well, but initially thought it was problem with my cable internet through Comcast.

My sincere apologies if this is too-little-too-late for some. I was calling their tech support and before I talked to a person a recorded message mentioned the problem with Zonealarm.


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I fault MS for pushing an update that breaks a popular firewall program.No fault of Brian's, however :) I had this problem and the ISP did not know about it till yesterday so was withou access for 4 days.it worked very well, but unfortunately i can't give you an exact link.searching MS help for software removal might do the trick. Finally I wondered out loud, "I wonder if my Zone Alarm is blocking the signal." To which the astute tech replied, "Oh, we're having issues with Zone Alarm. If this had been going on for so long, and it was a Windows issue, why had they not put info into their hold message - and why was it not asked immediately??? Bell South had much better tech support before it was bought out by AT&T. There seems to be a correlation between the amount of software installed on a system and the increased likelihood of some type of patch causing problems.Once I saw that it was ZA, I went to the ZA site which had an alert.

Oddly, I was unable to access for two days thereafter.

* Open your Zone Alarm product interface * Go to Overview in the left-hand column * Click on the Preferences tab * Under "Check for Updates", click the "Check for Update" button.

If you uninstalled the Microsoft update because of this problem, be sure to reinstall the patch (KB951748, a.k.a. I mentioned this compatibility problem at the end of a blog post last Tuesday when Microsoft first issued the patch, along with a link to a Zone Alarm user forum where company officials were troubleshooting the issue with users. Tell your stepbrother that most of us who were smacked were able to work through it on our own.

Remember to move it back to High when you are finished to keep maximum ZA protection. how did you work through the problem on your own, bill? Click "Remove" to uninstall the hotfix You are to be commended for this helpful assistance.

i knew it was a microsoft update after backing up to a restore point and was able to go back online only to perform my ms updates and get knocked off again. now i can go back to wasting time playing online scrabble. My wife was cursing Verizon all weekend, claiming they were doing this to her because she refused to upgrade!

Microsoft last week shipped a security update that prevented users of the popular Zone Alarm firewall products from getting online.