Valentines day gifts dating for guy gals appliances

Just as long as the gift itself is thoughtful, that’s all that matters,” said Erin Willbanks, freshman at New World School of the Arts.

This sounds simple, but it would mean a lot to your girlfriend. Lighten up the mood with a funny card or pour your heart out in a sentimental one.

“The best gift I could get would be to actually spend the day with my boyfriend.

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Use your talents to make something meaningful for her.

“What I want for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be anything horribly expensive like jewelry etc.

If you’ve already spent a few Valentine’s Days together, step it up and get her jewelry.

It doesn’t have to be diamond earrings (unless you can afford it), but something meaningful enough.

And don't even get us started on Galentine's Day...

On top of all the annoying lovey-dovey humblebrag Instagram posts we have to endure, we also have to go through the pity lines fed to us by our coupled-up friends and fam.

When it comes to fashion, girls have a tendency to hoard one particular clothing or accessory in bulk. “For Valentine’s Day I would actually like a cute pair of sneakers, something comfy but cute,” said Katia Niebla, junior at Miami-Dade College. Sure, you may be no Gordon Ramsay but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a recipe online and cook her a delicious meal. More often than not, girls will choose this type of gift over something expensive.

And so what if you burn the chicken or your pasta sauce sucks? Make her a mix CD of her favorite songs, draw her a picture or write her a poem.

An engraved necklace or bracelet is a thoughtful gift she would love to show off.

If you guys live in separate cities, nothing will make her happier than seeing you on this romantic holiday.

Valentine’s Day is creeping up, and chances are you’re still trying to figure out what to buy for your girlfriend.