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We recommend that you copy only the URL pointing to this page, and not the entire page, as we update it frequently.You are welcome to incorporate definitions from this page for your own use. You can also highlight a definition by clicking on the word, phrase or acronym in the left column.It can be extended to hexadecimal number strings by using all hexadecimal arithmetic.

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The algorithm can detect all single digit errors and most transpositions.

The same algorithm can be used to produce the checksum digit and (when the checksum digit is included in the algorithm) to check the checksum.

The difference between the received coordinates of a symbol (defined by phase and amplitude) and the intended position (e.g. This is a measure of error in digital modulation systems such as .

A domain name with enough information (including server name, if necessary, to determine a unique IP address).

organizing bits in a matrix by columns and transmitting by rows) to somewhat randomize the output and protect from burst of noise on the RF channel interference within a channel generated as one or more intermodulation products within the receiver itself, typically as the result of the presence of very strong signals in adjacent bands. It contains the Source Address (128 bits), Destination Address (128 bits), Version (always 0110), Packet Priority/Traffic Class (8 bit class of the packet), Flow Label (20 bit identifier of the flow with which the packet is associated), Payload Length (16 bits), Next Header (8 bits) and Time To Live/Hop Limit (8 bits), A C-like programming language that is compiled into a virtual machine language providing efficiency close to that of languages compiled into native machine code while providing portability of the compiled program.

Each computer system that wants to run Java has to provide a virtual machine Joint Photographic Experts Group.It should be referred to as Java Script Object Notation.A method for encoding data for exchange on a communications medium.Can be quite accurate in the short term, but gets continually less accurate until reset at a known location again.Mixing of bits upon transmission according to a simple pattern (e.g.Not usually used to refer to the group, but a graphics format created for them that is suitable for digital photographs and similar images.